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Our Electronic Music Production course led by Ableton Certified Trainer, Ashrith Baburao - a self taught producer who is also proficient with Fruity Loops Studio, Logic Pro, Pro Tools and Cubase. Apart from his artist project as Audio Units, he's produced a variety of styles like EDM, Techno, Trance, Deep House and also mixed and mastered projects for other clients whilst working in other recording studios.
Go from Music Production Classes near me to with me! All music production course sessions will be recorded and provided to the students post the course for future study, and reference material including self assessable assignments, sample bank and other learning resources. Learn on a variety of DAW's like FL Studio 12, Apple Logic X Pro.
Our university like ecosystem offering a variety of music producer course, focuses on student development post course.Students will be guided with publishing their music and developing their artistic integrity with their mentors.
Ableton India Education Partner
Get Ableton Live 12 Suite worth INR 63,990 optionally included with every course.
Latest Gear
A fine balance of experienced new age musicians, latest gear, and a comprehensive curriculum to study online post course.
Modular Courses
We treat each course like a core subject, focusing on it’s entire chronology enabling you to be an expert at each module.
Flexible Timings
To best accommodate both professionals and freelancers, we conduct weekday and weekend batches.
Small Batches
Classes are 2 hours each, with a maximum of 6 - 8 students per instructor in a batch.
Progress Tracking
Specially designated online assignments will be given that enable you to track your learning and progress.

Since 2012 we have over

Courses Split Up

We offer Music Producer courses have been designed, structured and formulated by our faculty with years of experience in creative and educational aspects of the music industry like synthesis, mastering ,recording and sound design. We aim to best equip our students with practical knowledge, music appreciation, social media awareness and post course support.


Taught in the classroom with course material for revision.

Group Class

Common soft skills about the industry are taught to all students.


Interactive online tasks for self evaluation.

Solo Time

One on one time with faculty post completion of assignments.


Personal mentor for your artistic development and fortifying your musical taste.

If you have any doubts, talk to a course advisor

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We're honoured to be India's first "Ableton India Education Partner"

This is our co-endeavour with Ableton in recognition of our efforts to support the Indian music producer community. We are proud participants of a strict No Crack Policy.

What this means ?

All students enrolling for the Ableton Music Producer Courses will have an option to get a licensed version of Ableton Live 12 Suite worth INR 63,990 for free.

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Successful Alumni.



Mumbai, India

Tasnneem, originally from Surat, found her ultimate calling with music, and joined our DJ Programme in 2012, while honing her skills with residencies in Mumbai and gigs all over the Country, she was back for consecutive EMP courses in 2014. She is now jet-setting across the country playing her flavor of deep house and techno in the best clubs, festivals and venues.Her music releases on Wind Horse Records have been critically acclaimed, whilst being managed by Regenerate, one of India’s top booking and music curation agency.



Bangalore, India

In 2012 an eager Rohit Gandhi walked into our studio with his mother, his undying passion along with his past musical learning was about to open new doors for him in electronic music. Upon completing his Ableton Live Beginner and Pro courses, we helped him setup his first home studio, consequently he enrolled for the DJ course. It was at this time we could provide him valuable guidance on becoming a hybrid live act. Today he play’s packed venues as Argenil with his partner, they are a lethal combination of deck wizardry, live drums, saxophone and a plethora of music surprises. Their sound predominantly blends live Indian classical with EDM, having their music played across radio stations in America and singed up to the Prestigious Limm Entertainment in New Delhi



Bangalore, India

Alok Mishra singed up for his first DJ course in 2013, it was a completely new world for him, unfettered to learn the depth of electronic music, he signed up for most of our courses over the span for the next two years. He managed to blag himself residencies and gigs without any external help. He’s an adept producer who can make and play many styles of music. Along with his brother, he’s a co-founder of Pixelonic Media, a digital content company that creates some of the most amazing animation, motion graphics and video content. Needless to say how useful our courses have been for him in this endeavor being able to produce music for these videos and also have a flouring DJ career.



London, UK

AMAN ANAND (DJ & PRODUCER)London, UKNothing stopped this incredible talented producer and DJ with releases on the biggest progressive house labels under his belt join our EMP program with a vision to unlearn, and re-learn the basics in 2015. It was also a means of trying to change his approach and enhance his taste. He’s played gigs across some amazing venues in India, Malaysia and Singapore. His music has been played by legends like Hernan Cattaneo.



Bangalore, India

A prime example of why it’s never too late to start, Mr Suresh has been an ardent listener of electronic music for over 30 years. In 2016 he took the first step with our DJ module, in just under 3 months he was ready to play warm up gigs at top venues in Bangalore like Tao Terraces. With his ultimate dream of being able to play a hardware only set, he’s already produced over 30 tracks after finishing our EMP Beginner and Pro courses.



Bangalore, India

When Sandeep enrolled for an EMP Beginner course in 2013, he was already writing a few musical ideas, having played guitar for a while, he needed guidance structuring his ideas and honing his mixing down skills. He then finished his EMP Pro course, and now has his music released on big international labels and Indian outfits like Qilla Records.

Questions you may have.

Is there an eligibility criteria for these courses ?

Being a creative course that’s hands on, there’s no academic grade requirements. Pretty sure you love music already, meeting all the requirements! There is no necessity for any college or university degree as a prerequisite for our electronic music courses.

What are my timing choicess ?

You can choose between batches that operate both during the week or weekend. Weekend batches have classes only on Saturday/Sunday. Weekday batches have 3 classes on alternate weekdays.

What are the fee payment options ?

Fees can be paid in two easy instalments, which have to be completed during the tenure of the course. Students willing to pay the full fees can also avail a special discount. We accept online / card / e-wallet payments too.

When should I enrol ?

Batches start during the beginning and middle of the month. Preliminary registration must be completed by paying Rs 1000. A Batch of your choice will be assigned to you in a time frame of one week to a 60 days.

Do you provide accommodation ?

We have established a network of homes and paying guest accommodations suiting various budget and food requirements, our counsellors will be glad to assist you. However you may need to inform us a month prior to your arrival.

Do I need to invest in any gear or equipment ?

No. Our studio is well equipped with all the gear you need for work and practice, and we have endorsements with some of the best brands enabling discounts for students for their future requirements.

What happens after I finish the course ?

The DJ students get a practice session every week to further hone their skills, producers get additional 8 hours for a one on one with the faculty to show their work and receive critical feedback. When you’re ready with your finished work, we facilitate opportunities for our students to perform and release their music.

What are my career prospects with music ?

There are ample opportunities in this industry for those who strive to be original and creative, ranging from resident DJs to sound designers and audio mixing engineers. However like any other field, it takes consistent practice and experience to start making this into a viable living. Our counsellors will be glad to explain this in person depending on your area of interest with the music.

Do I get any course material ?

Students will be provided with a huge library of videos for their post course revision. Regular workshops will also be conducted with guest instructors and music industry stalwarts.

Do I get a certificate ?

All students will get a certificate of completion.

What happens if I can’t complete the course for any reason ?

If for any genuine reason you are not able to pursue the course after payment of the full fees, we may accommodate you in another batch that is suitable for us, either at a subsidised cost or with a re- enrolment fee.

What if I want to learn on a different DAW or software ?

What you learn about music making is more important that the software you learn on. Techniques you learn in any of our courses can be applied effortlessly across other DAW's. Please talk to our counsellor about various choices of platforms you can learn on.

What is the difference between these modules ?

Skillsets for making music require development in various areas, that don’t happen over night or even in a month, hence we believe in offering modules that prepare you step by step, let you evaluate yourself before you join the next one, perfect everything you’ve learnt so far to be able to learn the next one better. You can refer to our detailed course plan for individual topics and time-splits.

Who will I be taught by ?

You will be mentored by our co-founder Ashrith Baburao, an Ableton Certified Trainer, a status that only a select 250 people in the world hold, which is a guarantee of teaching excellence. He is also one half of Audio Units with his brother.

How often can I come for practice ?

You can come for practice as long as you want. Slots have to be booked in advance with out student counsellor.

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