Hello aspiring musician

Not so long ago, Ashwin aspired to be an astronaut and Ashrith a gamer, sharing a common love for music, video games, technology alike. While Ashwin braved and took the unconventional path of dropping out of college to DJ at local pubs in Bangalore in the late 90’s. Ashrith was not too far behind to follow in suit with his brother, whilst he was using his tech wizardry to build computers and hack operating systems, it was in the summer of 2006 when they set sail together leaving behind a sea of no-regrets to purse music.

It was India’s evolution of electronic music when clubs stayed open all night and most DJs played on records, and a time when talent truly outshone popularity. Obscure parts of an excruciatingly slow internet were your only hopes of finding musical tidbits without any YouTube tutorial to teach you. You learned by assisting others artists and producers, mostly like an unpaid internship. With the advent of software based approaches, the fraternity started to grow, and slowly gave rise to the vibrant scene that we have today.

But with this easy way in, your sustainability is directly proportional to your quality of work (and in most cases popularity).

With all these ingrained experiences on a long path of musical discovery, filled with bad gigs, no gigs, great gigs and surprisingly great gigs, Audio Units honed in and refined their craft and sound. While helping other peers was always a fond interest for the brothers, they often shared tutorials online and taught impromptu classes in their bedroom studio around 2012.

The joy of sharing knowledge that also helped themselves learn better was the best fruition of this endeavour, which led them to found Beatworx Studio. Situated in one of the most unlikely places for a musical fraternity, their modest little studio that trained over 500 students, churned out over a 100 releases, was above a hospital! Shreyas, an alumni of theirs and a friend of Ashwin’s decided to quit his corporate job to surrender himself to music. These 3 pledged to put their heart and soul into what they love the most, to make it their life and help others that seek the same. This is the foundation Beatworx Studio is built upon. To help you envision your future with music and have you be the centre of it, encouraging you to work harder and get closer to your dreams.

Yours Faithfully

Ashwin Baburao & Ashrith Baburao