Enrolling Procedure

Admission Process

Our process is very simple, be sure to read this before you join our courses and make any fee payments. We are very happy to accommodate any special requests based on genuine situations, please feel free to talk to us!

  • Since we deal with small batches, you’re required to confirm your seat by paying a NON REFUNDABLE amount of Rs 15,000/- during which you will be given a tentative batch start time. This amount is a part of your fee and NOT a separate amount.

  • You will receive a call back once the batch has been scheduled with your time-table, upon which you’re required to pay the balance fees in 4 days, failing which your seat may be forfeited with no refunds.

  • If you do not join this batch, your registration amount of Rs 15,000 will be forfeited along with any other balance payments you may have made.

  • If you drop out during your course or if you’re unable to join for any reasons, no refunds will be entertained.

  • If you’ve chosen a payment plan, you will be required to submit post-dated cheques for security purposes along with government issued current and permanent address proof with ID.


Whether you’ve chosen this path for fun or a career, there is a lot to learn when embracing any kind of art form. Although we are required to maintain some rules and decorum as an institution, as follows :

  • Timings : Students can come 15-20 minutes prior to their class.
  • Schedule of classes will be given to you, including tentative dates of your group classes and assignments (as per course)
  • Students missing classes will not be allotted any kind of catch up classes.
  • Students cannot bring along any friends to the studio. If any they will not be allowed to wait inside. In case of minors parents are welcome to drop and pick up only. Also recording of classes in any form in strictly prohibited.
  • Individual classes are strictly for clearing doubts only, and will be allotted only after students have completed the minimum required assignments.
  • Entering the class late is at the discretion of the faculty.
  • Classes are subject to minor rescheduling due to national holidays, faculty absence and other reasons. In which case, we ensure providing alternate dates for these classes with the tenure of the course itself.
  • Students are required to bring their own pen drive or hard drives for transferring projects and other files.
  • Students are allowed to only use equipment and software assigned to their respective courses, which will be explained to them by the faculty.
  • As a fair employer, we reserve the right to assign any faculty of our choice to students, for both individual and regular classes.
  • Practice sessions can be booked only once a week for one hour each, to be able to accommodate everyone. Not showing up repeatedly after booking a session may lead to a temporary practice ban if we’re not informed. (During high demand, we may allot parallel sessions)
  • We at Beatworx take utmost care of our students during their presence at our premises, however, when out of the facility Beatworx ceases any kind of responsibility. This includes our events, off-site workshops and other things organised by us.
  • Nightlife events curated by us may be attended at your discretion, there will be no guarantee of free tickets, entry or guest list from Beatworx Studio. In case of any disputes, injuries or discrepancies during any of these events, Beatworx may not be held responsible.

Please refer to all our policies to understand us better.

Privacy Policy | Refund Policy | Student Discipline


  • All courses will be taught in English, along with the provided course material, so its imperative that you have a good understanding of the language.
  • Basic computer operating skills are necessary, although you will be taught on MacOS the same can be done on Windows.
  • All students must provide valid government identification : Adhar Card or Passport and PAN card of the person paying the fee is compulsory.
  • All course related communication will only happen over email, you will be required to check it regularly. You will also require to have a google account for using some of our services.
  • No other equipment or purchases are necessary for practice, as it can be fulfilled during working hours at our well equipped studio.


Students enrolling in Beatworx Studio assume an obligation to conduct themselves in a manner compatible with the function as an educational institution. As a result, reasonable policies, procedures, and regulations have been developed to guarantee each student’s freedom to learn.

Each student’s attitude and deportment must conform to standards inherently necessary to advance the educational process. Failure to observe these standards may result in a review of a student’s behaviour for appropriate determination. Such behaviour could be grounds for dismissal. Students who fail to comply with the regulations may be dismissed from the school with no reimbursement of fees.

  • Support and encourage your batch mate as much as you can, you will after all be imbibing knowledge together and it makes the task a whole lot easier to have an encouraging partner.
  • Stay focused while in class, it might seem like an obvious one but we all tend to drift off on another tangent from time to time or even get ahead of ourselves.
  • Use friendly and respectful language to get your point across.
  • Be welcoming of questions from your partner and do not interrupt the faculty or your batch mate while he’s asking a question.
  • Do not belittle anyone from the music scene. Understand that we’re all equal and stay humble.
  • Stay open to diverging artists and genres
  • Understand that you are to practice everything that is thought here in the studio. The idea is to touch upon the concept and have you discover and divulge the same through practice.
  • Use the equipment like it was your own. (Unless you treat your own equipment like mere objects which don’t have feelings) and share the decks evenly during practice.
  • Do not ever bog down a batch mate who does not seem to understand a concept, if you have simpler words that you think may help him understand the same, please feel free to pitch in.
  • Carry out research on the core concepts you come across during the course and delve into it.


  • You are only allowed to practice using the equipment that has been allotted and is a part of your course.
  • A session once booked cannot be rescheduled or cancelled. Consecutive no-show at practice may result in a temporary practice ban.
  • You're not allowed to bring anyone else that's not a part of your course for practice sessions.
  • You may be assigned any available equipment for practice, including sharing the space with another participant.
  • Practice sessions are strictly unattended, meaning there will be no faculty to assist you. If you require to clear doubts or need assistance, book an Individual Session instead.
  • If you're coming for recording a set, please inform us unless you bring your own laptop or recorder to capture your recording.


  • We reserve the right to assign any available faculty for individual class.
  • Strictly no software, plugin and other installations during individual class, this is only meant for clearing doubts pertaining to your course.
  • These classes are for reviewing your work and not for catching up any missed classes in the past.
  • All assignments and any other objectives given at consequent individual classes must be completed before booking the next session.
  • These classes cannot be availed during the course, its only post completion.
  • Individual classes have a validity of 6 months from the date of completion of your last class.
  • You’re allotted a total of 4 individual classes, duration of each individual class is minimum of 2 hours, it cannot be spit up.
  • Any extra classes beyond what’s allotted are chargeable at INR 2,000 + Taxes per session of 2 hours.
  • Any cancellations from Beatworx Studio due to reasons beyond our control such as national holidays, faculty absence and other reasons, will be re-scheduled at a mutually convenient time no longer than 2 weeks from the original booking date.
  • Any work being brought in for review, must be pre-submitted in the booking form. This helps our faculty have a listen before to be able to help you better. We’ll not accept it from your USB or Hard drives.


You’re a part of an ecosystem where a lot of things may be new to you, in terms of being an artist, or the concept of nightlife and other things associated. In case you’re not sure about anything, or want to discuss a matter that may be private, you may do so with our student counsellor as long as it’s related to your course and academics. In certain instances, we may be able to make some exceptions!