FL Studio Producer Comprehensive

Online Course

  • 4 Weeks [25 hours]
  • ₹ 40,000  ₹ 25,000 + Taxes
  • Includes e-book, Starter Sample Pack, Intermediate Sample Pack

  • Includes 30% Coupon Code for FL Studio
  • Foundation Module 

    - Week 1 to Week 2

  • Comprehensive Module 

    - Week 3 to Week 4

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Learning to Produce has never been easier.

Block your seat by paying ₹ 15,000. Pay the rest before on-boarding.

Entire class schedule will be available immediately after enrolment.

Video recordings of each session will be made available for students right after the class.

One on one time with faculty post completion of assignments.

Certificate of completion is issued by the institution at the end of the course.

Contact our course advisor for further assistance.

Successful Alumni.



Mumbai, India

Tasnneem, originally from Surat, found her ultimate calling with music, and joined our DJ Programme in 2012, while honing her skills with residencies in Mumbai and gigs all over the Country, she was back for consecutive EMP courses in 2014. She is now jet-setting across the country playing her flavor of deep house and techno in the best clubs, festivals and venues.Her music releases on Wind Horse Records have been critically acclaimed, whilst being managed by Regenerate, one of India’s top booking and music curation agency.



Bangalore, India

In 2012 an eager Rohit Gandhi walked into our studio with his mother, his undying passion along with his past musical learning was about to open new doors for him in electronic music. Upon completing his Ableton Live Beginner and Pro courses, we helped him setup his first home studio, consequently he enrolled for the DJ course. It was at this time we could provide him valuable guidance on becoming a hybrid live act. Today he play’s packed venues as Argenil with his partner, they are a lethal combination of deck wizardry, live drums, saxophone and a plethora of music surprises. Their sound predominantly blends live Indian classical with EDM, having their music played across radio stations in America and singed up to the Prestigious Limm Entertainment in New Delhi



Bangalore, India

Alok Mishra singed up for his first DJ course in 2013, it was a completely new world for him, unfettered to learn the depth of electronic music, he signed up for most of our courses over the span for the next two years. He managed to blag himself residencies and gigs without any external help. He’s an adept producer who can make and play many styles of music. Along with his brother, he’s a co-founder of Pixelonic Media, a digital content company that creates some of the most amazing animation, motion graphics and video content. Needless to say how useful our courses have been for him in this endeavor being able to produce music for these videos and also have a flouring DJ career.



London, UK

AMAN ANAND (DJ & PRODUCER)London, UKNothing stopped this incredible talented producer and DJ with releases on the biggest progressive house labels under his belt join our EMP program with a vision to unlearn, and re-learn the basics in 2015. It was also a means of trying to change his approach and enhance his taste. He’s played gigs across some amazing venues in India, Malaysia and Singapore. His music has been played by legends like Hernan Cattaneo.



Bangalore, India

A prime example of why it’s never too late to start, Mr Suresh has been an ardent listener of electronic music for over 30 years. In 2016 he took the first step with our DJ module, in just under 3 months he was ready to play warm up gigs at top venues in Bangalore like Tao Terraces. With his ultimate dream of being able to play a hardware only set, he’s already produced over 30 tracks after finishing our EMP Beginner and Pro courses.



Bangalore, India

When Sandeep enrolled for an EMP Beginner course in 2013, he was already writing a few musical ideas, having played guitar for a while, he needed guidance structuring his ideas and honing his mixing down skills. He then finished his EMP Pro course, and now has his music released on big international labels and Indian outfits like Qilla Records.

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What we offer.

Our Studio is the only FL Studio recognized trainer studio in India. The course led by Ishan Gaur is aimed to make the learning experience as immersive & practical as we can.  The course is formulated in such a way that it’s easily understood to all level & age group. Ishan is a self-taught music producer & has been experimenting around with sound since 8 years now. He’s been performing & releasing music under the alias I7HVN.
Unlike most online learning programmes which offer pre-recorded content, we take things a step further by having our classes broadcasted to you in-person, live. This gives you the wonderful opportunity to interact with the faculty and get your doubts and questions answered in real-time.
We are proud to be the only recognized school in India for FL Studio. Our online EMP course for FL Studio includes a coupon of flat 30% on FL Studio signature bundle.
Fair Pricing
Bundled software and/or gear, additional educational discounts and individual artistic development are the core components of our courses.
Progress Tracking
Our Producer Comprehensive Course includes a free membership to Soung Gym. You will be assigned homework after each class.
Solo Time
Get quality post-course mentoring time with your faculty to have all your queries answered on a personal basis.
Class Videos
Recordings as well as class projects will be shared with students immediately after each class.
Learn at Home
Learn from the convenience of your own house.
Acclaimed Artists
Learn from the best in the industry with a combined expertise of over 20+ years.
Seamless Experience
All of our online classes are delivered to you via Zoom. This means you can login from anywhere in the world on an iOS or Android device and macOS or Windows computers.
Practical Projects &  Assignment tracking
Our classes are formulated in such a way that the learning experience is more of the practical aspect over theoretical one. This makes our students have a hands on approach on the DAW. The assignments & homework given is tracked & help is always provided even after the course is over.
Choosing to pursue your journey with Beatworx means getting your tracks heard and reviewed by your faculty, getting help on releasing your music and shaping your artistic development.

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