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What we offer.

We’re proud to have one of the 250 odd trainers in the world certified officially by Ableton with us. Learning from Ashrith Baburao involves a teaching methodology that is tried, tested and certified, needless to say! You will be handed down years of technical expertise, given access to some of the latest and even beta versions of upcoming tools, plugins and software, while also being able to dwell into his artistic identity and journey to handcraft yours for success.
Every class taught on the computer is screen captured and provided after the class. Serving both as course material and revision for later sessions, students who have even missed a class will have no difficulty catching up with their peers. We also provide royalty free sample banks, 30 day trial versions of all the required software, we have additional endorsements with 50+ brands offering special prices for further purchases.
Students upon completing all their assignments and have finished original material that is ready for release, will get dedicated assistance in finding the right labels and avenues for releasing this music on popular stores like Beatport, iTunes etc. And as a standard part of each module, group classes further refine soft-skills like bio writing, social media presence, music contracts and release deals.
Modular Courses
We treat each course like a core subject, focusing on it’s entire chronology enabling you to be an expert at each module.
Latest Gear
A fine balance of experienced new age musicians, latest gear, and a comprehensive curriculum.
Fair Pricing
Additional pricing benefits, included gear and individual artistic development are core components of our courses.
Flexible Timings
To best accommodate both professionals and freelancers, we conduct weekday and weekend batches.
Small Batches
Classes are 2 hours each, with a maximum of 6 students per instructor in a batch.
Progress Tracking
Specially designated online assignments will be given that enable you to track your learning and progress.

Since 2012 we have over

Course Split Up.

Our courses have been designed, structured and formulated by our faculty with years of experience in creative and educational aspects of the music industry. We aim to best equip our students with practical knowledge, music appreciation, social media awareness and post course support.


This covers all aspects related to technical skills of setting up and using the equipment, understanding the creative process and trouble shooting when needed.It will be backed up with digital course material.

Group Class

With a primary purpose of students networking with members of other courses. Essential soft skills, social media, music appreciation and business practices of the industry are covered.

Individual Time

Every student will get one-to-one time with the faculty for betterment of their personal musical interests and endeavours.

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Learning to Produce has never been easier.

Block your seat by paying INR 5,000. Choose to pay the remaining fee in 2 installments

Class schedule will be provided based on your chosen preference of weekday or weekend batches with unlimited practice time.

You will be required to complete all assignments for self-assessment and post course placement.

Serving as a mixer to meet other students, exchange ideas and learn other soft skills, along with designated master classes from guest faculty.

You’re now ready to deliver your first performance, if you’re not there’s always unlimited practice time and mentoring available to help you get there.

Questions you may have.

Is there an eligibility criteria for these courses ?

Being a creative course that’s hands on, there’s no academic grade requirements. Pretty sure you love music already, meeting all the requirements!

What are my timing choicess ?

You can choose between batches that operate both during the week or weekend. Weekend batches have classes only on Saturday/Sunday. Weekday batches have 3 classes on alternate weekdays.

What are the fee payment options ?

Fees can be paid in two easy instalments, which have to be completed during the tenure of the course. Students willing to pay the full fees can also avail a special discount. We accept online / card / e-wallet payments too.

When should I enrol ?

Batches start during the beginning and middle of the month. Preliminary registration must be completed by paying Rs 1000. A Batch of your choice will be assigned to you in a time frame of one week to a 60 days.

Do you provide accommodation ?

We have established a network of homes and paying guest accommodations suiting various budget and food requirements, our counsellors will be glad to assist you. However you may need to inform us a month prior to your arrival.

Do I need to invest in any gear or equipment ?

No. Our studio is well equipped with all the gear you need for work and practice, and we have endorsements with some of the best brands enabling discounts for students for their future requirements.

What happens after I finish the course ?

The DJ students get a practice session every week to further hone their skills, producers get additional 8 hours for a one on one with the faculty to show their work and receive critical feedback. When you’re ready with your finished work, we facilitate opportunities for our students to perform and release their music.

What are my career prospects with music ?

There are ample opportunities in this industry for those who strive to be original and creative, ranging from resident DJs to sound designers and audio mixing engineers. However like any other field, it takes consistent practice and experience to start making this into a viable living. Our counsellors will be glad to explain this in person depending on your area of interest with the music.

Do I get any course material ?

Students will be provided with a huge library of videos for their post course revision. Regular workshops will also be conducted with guest instructors and music industry stalwarts.

Do I get a certificate ?

All students will get a certificate of completion.

What happens if I can’t complete the course for any reason ?

If for any genuine reason you are not able to pursue the course after payment of the full fees, we may accommodate you in another batch that is suitable for us, either at a subsidised cost or with a re- enrolment fee.

What if I want to learn on a different DAW or software ?

We’ve chosen the platform we offer for the fact that Ableton has a thriving user community, along with it’s simplicity and region specific pricing support. Even if you’ve been working on another DAW, we assure you will be able to get your creative juices flowing with Live in just a few hours. In fact it’s one of the most simple DAW’s to use, despite looking intimidating at first.

What is the difference between these modules ?

Skillsets for making music require development in various areas, that don’t happen over night or even in a month, hence we believe in offering modules that prepare you step by step, let you evaluate yourself before you join the next one, perfect everything you’ve learnt so far to be able to learn the next one better. You can refer to our detailed course plan for individual topics and time-splits.

Who will I be taught by ?

You will be mentored by our co-founder Ashrith Baburao, an Ableton Certified Trainer, a status that only a select 250 people in the world hold, which is a guarantee of teaching excellence. He is also one half of Audio Units with his brother.

How often can I come for practice ?

You can come for practice as long as you want. Slots have to be booked in advance with out student counsellor.

How long before I can release my music ?

Post completion of all your assignments, we invite you to bring in your best demos whenever you are ready, we will assist you with links to the right labels to send your content to, or even find other resources or platforms to feature your music on.

What will I learn in 40 hours ?

Learning these skills today is easier than you think, with technological aids and our mentoring style, we aim to keep our courses cost effective and relevant. After all you have unlimited practice time to further hone your skills. You can refer to our detailed course plan for individual topics and time-splits.

Meet our team.

I’ve been DJ’ing since 2001 on CD, Vinyl and Digital playing a multitude of gigs and genres across the country and aboard. I love a good pun, pizza and dogs over television, sports and politics. I also head the DJ department when I’m not laughing excessively over internet memes.

Ashwin Baburao


I’m a self taught hardware and software nerd. Besides my love for the gaming and technology, I give into my musical obsessions with hardware synths, drum machines and controllers. I’m also an Ableton Certified Trainer, producing music since 2008 and head the Music Production department.

Ashrith Baburao


In 2012, I joined the CDJ course here consequently quit my well paying corporate job to become their first employee. I head the marketing department and plan parties for our Afterworx division. I’m often the first name most people call out at the office, so you could call me the surrogate mother here.

Shreyas Hariprasad

Marketing Head

a.k.a ‘Twokid Wickid’ for my musical enterprise whilst shuffling between writing projects for various music and culture based entities. I love my authentic house and techno with a slowly growing record collection, I create engaging content for the blog that benefits musicians, producers and DJs

Achal Khanolkar

Content Manager

A fan of frequencies and cognizant vibrations, A Dj by profession and an aspiring producer looking to spread my wings as a musician, whenever I find time from heading the operations dapartment at the studio

Anejath Rao


Making apps for fast growing teams and helping them create an online presence. Working for Beatworx studio gave me stay closest possible to my interest in electronic music. You can find me working at my studio or hanging out at the studio.


Web Master

I’ve founded Digiligo, online advertising, analytics and digital technologies company. I help Beatworx in building a premium presence online with rich content propagation techniques. Big fan of Juventus FC, I love keeping myself fit so I hit the gym and finally cooking is my love.

Ashwin Gopinath

Digital Advisor

Post working for 4 decades in key positions at top MNC’s, I advice and mentor the young team to grow exponentially while giving joy to millions with their foot tapping music. Associated with these guys, I am rediscovering my self whilst feel rejuvenated.


Chief Advisor

In the music industry professionally since 2005 and I've been dancing my dreams, because when we ought to do something we want, we need to find a job we love! With extensive prior experience programming clubs and festivals, I head the Events Department.

Faraz Ehsan

Relationship Manager

I have been in the entertainment business for more than a decade. From playing in clubs to managing them and from being a part of competitions to judging them, I've come a long way in being on both sides of the industry. A headstrong personality to deal with and a perfectionist. I monitor DJ student progress, help them find placements, and brand building activities.

Leon Mylan


After a decade of working in the Airline industry whilst suppressing my inner demons to be a musician. I’ve finally got on board with my dream, while DJ’ing and learning to produce music, I’m the Siri around here that helps everyone keep a track of operational, marketing and execution activities.

Nandita Bora


When I heard Carl Cox in Ibiza last summer, I knew I wanted to be a DJ. So my mates told me about Beatworx, and I eventually landed up outside their gate, they quickly adopted me, made me a Soundcloud account. Apart from a 50 meter bark range, I also whine harmonically. Oh and I’m a PC kinda person, no apples for me.


Resident Puppy

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Jitesh Jadwani

This place is Excellent. The guys who run the studio are very helpful and will go out of their way to make things easy for you. They don't shy away from going that extra mile to make your learning smooth even if it involves them spending extra time with you.They're very approachable and accommodating.

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Aman Sehgal

First of all , These classes which are conducted builds up the confidence in you . I have had the best experience with the faculty .Basics have been the foundation of all the classes I have attended so far ... moreover all doubts are cleared with the best hands on experience.

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Praveen Brolil

Beatworx is like home for experience was fabulous and i learned a lot. They teach from basic..clears all doubts. They give time to each student to make them understand the concept. They gives all the production tools DAW, lot of samples and plugins which are very useful for music production.

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